History of India's Food Culture

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization

Era: 3300 BCE

What they grew?: Green Gram, Black Gram, Chickpeas, Millets, Wheat, Rice (not so popular), Fruits (brassica, brown mustard greens, coriander, dates, jujube, walnuts, grapes, figs) etc.

Whom they raised?: Seashells & Fish.

What they ate?: Wheat Bread, Wheat Porridge, Barley Porridge, Fruits.

Vedic Period

Era: 1500 BCE

What they grew?: Soma Plant, Rice, Wheat, Barley, Spices, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

Whom they raised?: Cow & Honeybees

What they ate?: Meal Cakes, Ghee, Porridge, Puddings, Somarasa, Breads, Vegetable Stews, Laddus, Pickles etc.


Mahavira Period (Jainism)

Era: 599 BCE

What they grew?:  Legumes, Beans, Rice, Wheat, Millet, Vegetables (except root vegetables) and Fruits.

Whom they raised?: Cow

What they ate?: Fruit Curries (Guava Sabzi), Kadhi, Millet Breads (Bhakris), Wheat Flour Pudding (Halwa), Khichdi, Laapsi etc.

Mauryan Era

Era: 305 BCE

What they grew?:  Bosporum (Millet), Barley, Fruits, Rice, Grains, Spices, Vegetables etc.

Whom they raised?: Sheep, Cattle, Cow, Buffalo, Goat etc.

What they ate?: Gruel, Groats & Curd, Chapati, Vegetable Soup, Sugarcane Juice, Buttermilk etc.

Mauryan Era

Mughal Era

Era: 1500 AD

What they grew?: Wheat, Rice, Barley, Root Vegetables, Spices, Maize, Fruits etc.

Whom they raised?: Sheep, Cattle, Cow, Camel, Goat etc.

What they ate?: Haleem, Biryani, Mughlai Paratha, Pasanda, Gulab Jamun, Chaat etc.

British India

Era: 1700 AD

What they grew?: Mostly Commercialization of existing crops but introduced Tea & Potato.

Sugarcane, Wheat, Rice, Barley etc.

Whom they raised?: Sheep, Cattle, Cow, Goat etc.

What they ate?: Masala Chai, Cake, Chutney, Khichdi, Rasam, Sambar, Vindaloo etc.

british india
21st century

21st Century

Era: 2001 AD

What are they growing?: Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Millets, Root Vegetables, Grains, etc. An extensive use of Fertilizers.

Whom are they raising? Poultry Farm, Honey Farm, Butchery, Fish, Cow, Goat, Sheep etc.

What are they eating?: Fusion Cuisine – Vegetable Manchurian, Tadka Fussily, Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, Rotza, Tandoori Momos etc.



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