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Named after its owner – Mr Raphael Berry, Berri’s cafe in the sprawling Southern California City of America – Los Angeles is famous, and a favourite hotspot for the after-party of an enthusiastic crowd of the city. Fetching the franchise of such place in Abu Dhabi was undoubtedly a good idea because Berri’s cafe in the capital is located at Al Raha Beach area – vicinity surrounded by expats from the Western Part of the World.

Various factors and categories make a Food ‘American’: Ingredients, Colonies by immigrants in the History of America, Culture of Invaders, etc. Most of the foods in America has arrived from Europe, but Americans embraced these foods and made them a native aspect of the nation. After reading several blogs and articles on American Food, the following categories are drawn:

Native Foods of America: Several varieties of vegetables, mammals, and fish from North America
Food fads: Old World recipes
Hybrid Dishes: Old world recipes fused with modern culinary arts
Ethnic Blends: Foods derived from diverse cultures and cuisines settled in the various regions of America
Regional Specialities: The American Melting Pot stirs up the taste of place
Manufactured Goods: Food products by widespread Food Industry of the country.
Apple pies, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Pizza, Tacos, Chocolates, Jelly Beans, Ice Cream, Steak, etc. are some of the popular foods Americans has given to the World; all these foods are linked somewhere to the above six categories.

Berri’s cafe, Abu Dhabi, brings such popular dishes to the residents of Abu Dhabi in a scrumptious way. The pampering Mocktails, qualitative Starters, artistically garnished Pizza, richness overloaded Sandwiches, and gratifying Desserts are some highlights of Food from Berri’s, Abu Dhabi.

Beverages are available in varieties in this cafe, and each one is must try because of their unique blends created by an expert team of Chef.

Safari – a mix of Seasonal Mango, Pineapple, Orange Juice, and Strawberry is refreshing, slightly sour, and sweet is perfect summer drink to start the dining experience in Berri’s.


Besides Safari, there are seven other Mocktails in the menu, but Coconut Berris – juice of Raspberry, Coconut Water, Strawberry, Banana, Blue Berry, and Honey is recommended.

Coconut Berries

Although Berri’s cafe (Abu Dhabi) is a franchise of LA-based cafe, the owner has crafted the menu by blending Middle Eastern food with American food and Zaatar & Burrata Flat Bread as a Starter is a perfect representation of such fusion.

Zaatar, which is the Middle Eastern Herb, is mixed with Burrata Cheese, Pomegranate seeds & molasses, Rucola, and garnished with Olive Oil, is a spread on Flat Bread and worth a try.


Butter lime fetta on Grilled Sweet Corn is undoubtedly a treat for Kids since sour fetta Cheese balance the Sweetness of Corn and kids love both – the sweet and Cheese. Grilled Sweet Corn with Butter Lime Feta is healthy, simple, and adorable Starter to try in Barri’s cafe.

Grilled Sweetcorn with Butterlime Fetta

Avocado stuffing is sandwiched in Healthy Italian Ciabatta Bread and served as Burrata Avocado Sandwich. Sandwiches are incomplete without fries and ketchup, though avocado stuffing is soft and smooth, fries with ketchup is the combination which makes this Sandwich a winner.

Burrata Avocado Sandwich

Try this Sandwich in the main Course along with your choice of Pizza. On this note, Pizza cannot be left unmentioned. Pizza is indigenous to Italy, but Americans don’t let Italy earn the Credit of popularity of this Food. Pizza became most popular in America after soldiers stationed in Italy returned from World War II. During the latter half of the 20th century, pizza became an iconic dish of considerable popularity in the United States. Vegetarian Pizza is humble and tasty as the Crust of pizza is thin, the vegetable topping is even and fresh, and oodles of cheese is gratifying.

Vegetarian Pizza

With Spaghetti, Penne, Bolognese, and Risotto, Berri’s has ten different varieties of Pasta. The famous – Penne Arrabiata is one of the Pasta preparations that Berri’s cafe offer. The widely accepted and liked Penne Arrabiata when tossed in Tomato Sauce and Chilli Flakes tastes best, Berri’s Chefs are aware of this cooking fact and prepares this dish to the perfection; Parmesan Cheese and Parsley as a garnish is bliss.

Penne Arrabiata

Mushroom Risotto is another Pasta worth trying. It is soft, creamy in consistency, and delicious in taste.

Mushroom Risotto

Tiramisu, the 21st-century dessert by Italy is universally loved, but Americans seem loved this dessert unconditionally. A combination of mascarpone cheese with cocoa and coffee is something very unique about Tiramisu. Berri’s (Abu Dhabi) don’t alter the recipe of Tiramisu and serve it as it is; Italians should be proud of their recipe since it is so perfect that no one can afford alteration to it.


‘Lotus Biscoff’ should take you down in the lane of memory of a childhood because everyone loves Lotus Biscoff. Lotus Fried Ice Cream is the best Dessert of Berri’s cafe and contains the infamous Lotus Biscoff. When staff brings the hot, fried, and sizzling Ice Cream on nicely presented Hot Pan on wooden board and pours chocolate syrup on it, the caramelised sponge cake opens its pores; vanilla ice cream melts; entire setup of dessert sizzles with steam and aroma, and your heart skips a beat.

Lotus Fried Ice Cream

Churros with Nutella sauce are a bit sweeter than usual, and can be omitted as a choice of Desserts; try something else since there are eight Desserts on the Card.


Iced Lattes and Mocha are just Good and can be worth enjoying along with Breakfast or Snacks.

Iced Spanish Latte and Mocha

Berri’s cafe, Abu Dhabi, is American at its heart but slightly customised considering food preferences of Emiratis and the number of expats in Abu Dhabi. Beach view, opulent interiors, friendly and efficient staff, and tasty food are surely the takeaways of Berri’s cafe, Abu Dhabi.

Numerous dishes on Menu Card are surely the combination of six categories of American Food mentioned above, and since it is located in U.A.E. where varieties of international cuisines are available to indulge into, Berri’s cafe (Abu Dhabi) reserves its unique place in this country.

Rate: 3.5/5

Food: 4/5

Ambience: 5/5

Staff: 4/5

Average Cost: AED 260 for two people (approx.)

Location: GI 4, Beach Front, Al Muneera, Al Raha Beach, Al Raha, Abu Dhabi

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