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Humans spend their life striking a balance between Work and Home. They wake up after snoozing the alarm a couple of times, make a coffee, drive to the office, sit on the work desk for a day, and drive back home. Upon arriving from work at evening, they spend time with family, eat dinner, set the alarm, and hit the bed. Next day, the cycle repeats itself. To seek solace, humans need a place which is neither Home nor Work, the third place. A place where Humans can spend time with themselves, away from the hustle-bustle of the first two places. Choice of third place is subjective and depends on the priorities in the life of an individual. For someone, it is a place that offers a feeling of home away from home and office away from the office. It is comforting to seat at such a place with strangers and no obligation to speak or greet. The Third Place Cafe at Capital is the place where you will find solace, serenity, and a time for self.

At times, people go to cafes to rest their eyes on printed words and take an occasional break from the online chatter. However, it seems that these days, people more often go to cafes for free WiFi, precisely because they are dying to get online, especially when travelling with no roaming service! Even when they are not moving their work or personal habits are increasingly causing them to interact more in virtual reality and less with real people. Third Place Cafe provides a solution to the solitary confinement of an ‘online’ job because they allow us to be in the company of others rather than being cooped up at home and work.
Divided into two levels, Third Place Cafe serves the self-ordered food at ground level and provides the visitors with serene space at the upper level to read. Spacious ground floor decorated with life quotes, artefacts and handwritten Menu besides ordering counter sets the right tone of a cafe at the ‘Third Place’. There is outside seating arrangement worth enjoying during winters. The library has a selective collection of books covering the choice of readers of all ages as Cafe’s food caters the flavour of all popular dishes from the World. Ranging from Breakfast to Coffee, Third Place cafe is self-sufficient in providing the visitors with varied ranges of food items.
Delectable and complete breakfast menu covers essential items like omelettes, falafels, scrambled eggs, shakshuka, fruit yoghurt, pancakes, toasts, freshly squeezed orange juice, and tea/coffee. Highly recommended Oriental Breakfast includes Emirati food: crispy and soft inside falafels, labneh, grilled halloumi cheese, foul, fresh salad, and bread.
Charles Spurgeon quoted, ‘There is hardship in everything except eating pancakes.’ One cannot deny the thought of this preacher since Pancakes are life and no food on the planet is so gratifying to senses than this sponge-like food. Those three fluffy Pancakes with blueberry cream and maple syrup cannot be missed at Third Place Cafe; just eat them to realise the bliss.

Signature preparation of plant-based Burger in this Cafe served in either sourdough or brioche – The Beyond Burger is beyond your experience of burgers. The slightly sweet note in the vegetable patty is nicely covered with fresh herbs and served with tomato ketchup is an excellent main course. To tickle your ‘Indian spicy’ bone, the Cafe serves curries with aromatic spiced rice and raita. Try their Chicken & Cashew curry, it’s delectable and decent preparation. Vegans can try the Third Place Vegan Salad, which is a proportioned combination of quinoa, avocado, lentils, dry fruits, fresh vegetables, and dressing of palm heart & pomegranate. Each ingredient of the salad is complementing each other, the satiation of avocado and texture of quinoa; juices of fresh vegetables, and the crunch of walnuts makes this salad a must-try.

Global demand for Acai berry expanded rapidly in the 21st century; many cafes serve bowls, salad, and smoothies of this fruit. Third Place Cafe’s Super Red Smoothie made with a base of Acai puree and Coconut oil infused with beetroot, green apple, banana, and other berries is super-healthy. Loaded with antioxidants and fresh fruits, Super Red Smoothie served chilled and clean in the Cafe.

Yellow Smoothie made with mango, passionfruit, yoghurt, and honey is that drink which gratifies and benefits the health at the same time. Fresh juices of mango enhance the freshness of passionfruit, which is bridged by Yoghurt and Honey in Yellow Smoothie. Don’t leave the Cafe without tasting the Yellow Smoothie.

Every space in town serves Tiramisu, an Italian treat to the World, but the way Third Place Cafe serves Tiramisu is exceptional. Tiramisu in this Cafe is unique; the smoothness of cream, perfect flavour of Coffee, and appearance make this dessert a must-eat dessert of the Cafe. American former cartoonist and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes – Bill Watterson apparently quoted, ‘I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a dessertarian.’ Had Bill alive today, Tiramisu from Third Place Cafe would have been his all-time meal to be dessertarian. Coconut chips on the top of Berry Coconut Chia Pudding are the winner in this dessert. Mouth-fill of Chia seeds, mild taste of coconut milk, a slice of berry’s freshness, and crunch of coconut chips make the Berry Coconut Chia Pudding a delectable dessert.

Organic coffee beans fetched from Myanmar and Ethiopia, with a fruity and sharp taste, respectively and moderate acidity are used in the Cafe. Third Place Cafe uses these beans for all brews. The feature of Organic and Specialty beans is not only quality but the ethical aspect, too; each seed gets carefully selected and completes its journey through various phase ethically. Coming directly from farms of Myanmar and Ethiopia, helping the farmers, and roasted, ground, and brewed by experts makes the Coffee the Specialty. Third Place Cafe’s barista is trained to add the brewing phase to Coffee bean’s journey from farm to cup; he knows the science behind grinding and brewing the Coffee. A cylindrical pot with a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee: that’s the pure beauty of the French Press, creating an earthy and rich taste in the cup. Third Place Cafe’s French Press is categorised in ‘Single Origin’ drink of the Menu and uses Ethiopian coffee beans to create Brew. Whereas the fruity taste of Myanmar Coffee beans is used to develop drinks like Latte and Toffee Nut Caramel. The appropriate distinction between the choice of Coffee beans reflects the quality of Coffee in any cafe; it can be a ‘Litmus Test’ for you when you visit Cafe and order a coffee.

Do visit Third Place Cafe often to find your me-time, to meet strangers, to read good stuff, and tasty delicacies. This is the place which holds the true meaning of Cafe, which is neither your Home nor Office. Located at pristine Corniche street facing the green landscape and beach, Third Place Cafe will surely be your hangout place where you may find solace.

Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Average Cost: AED 210 for two people (approx.)
Location: Opposite Chevrolet Showroom, Corniche Street, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
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