Evolutionary civilisations, food folklores, and lineages are vital elements for the emergence of Indian Cuisines as one of the most popular Culinary Culture in the World. Each corner of India has a distinct food culture-bound by Spices as a common thread. Badi Elaichi and Bhoot Jholakia Chilli of North East; Panch Phoran of East; Kesar of Kashmir; Jaiphal and Saunf of northern states; Khas Khas and Chilli Powder of Western plateau; Jeera from Thar Dessert & Rann of Kutch; Black Pepper, Dalchini, Laung, and Tej Patta of South are few of the representative spices from the corners of India. The lure of these spices has led to historic explorations, wars, and conquests but India continues to retain its stature as the ‘Spice Bowl’ of the World. To heighten a stature, many Indians has opened cafes and restaurants around the World. The United Arab Emirates is the first choice of Indians to extend or start a Food & Beverage business on foreign lands due to the UAE’s flexibility and multi-faceted environment for Business. Dubai has more than 800 Indian restaurants and cafes, and all are at the cutthroat competition with each other. With such a competitive market and varied customers, most of the Indian restaurants prefer to customise the taste of Indian food suitable to all palate. By getting along with the 21st-century fusion food trend and growing popularity of Indian Food amongst expats in Dubai, Indian restaurants are modifying their menu. Somewhere in this competition and customisation, authentic Indian taste is losing its identity. Memsaab Restaurant, Dubai refuses to fall for the personalisation, but it is as competitive as any other restaurant in Dubai, though not connoisseur to each aspect of Restaurant.

With grounded spices and a team of experienced chefs, Memsaab restaurant serves its customers with famous North Indian and countable South Indian Dishes. Located at famous Jumeirah Lakes Towers cluster and easily accessible by your 4-wheeler, Memsaab is a good place to spend time with family and friends. Named after the first owner’s wife – Memsaab (Boss Lady), which he used to call her so, this restaurant had started serving Indian Food eight years ago. Like India has experienced invasions and different rulers from time to time in history, Memsaab has also experienced the changing ownership since its inception. However, as India didn’t lose its essence of traditions and culture, Memsaab, too, has not lost its taste.

Refreshing Lemonade is an excellent beverage to start with; undoubtedly, this soothing summer drink is made to the perfection in Memsaab.


Long sofa with heightened head-rest at the ends, and distinctly placed dining tables in the restaurants is decent seating arrangement. Poppadoms with Mango Pickle – staff’s recommendation for this snack was surprisingly impressive. Salty & crunchy Poppadoms feels best when dipped in sweet Mango Pickle. You have to try this Snack.

Poppadoms with Mango chutney

Chaat, street food of India never disappoint you and Memsaab, too, doesn’t disappoint you with Dahi Papdi Chaat. Simple plating skills, oodles of sweet yoghurt on crunchy Papdi topped with mashed potato, and garnishing of chutneys makes this dish a lip-smacking.

Dahi papdi chaat

Indians cannot be credited for an invention of Kabab, but Kabab’s enhancement with spices is undoubtedly the Indian thing. From the Middle East to Afghanistan, and then India by Mughal Emperors, Kababs has travelled a long route and reinforced their position in Indian Cuisines within a shorter period. Well-proportioned marinade, a period of barbeque, and application of an ample amount of Ghee or Oil are essential factors of delicious Kababs and Memsaab understand this importance very well. Although plated with more-than-required salads, Kababs in Memsaab is smoky, fresh, and nicely cooked. As mentioned elsewhere in this Blog that a real taste of spices is guaranteed in Memasaab, Chicken Tikka in this restaurant is genuine to its taste. A tender and freshly marinated with Indian spices, chicken is diligently barbequed and served hot as Memsaab Chicken Tikka.

Memsaab Chicken Tikka Kebab

Paneer Tikka is fresh and perfectly textured that gives gratifying mouth-feel.

Paneer Tikka Kebab

Generally, Hara Bhara Kabab has two versions: deep fry and shallow fry, authenticity goes to later one, but Memsaab serves deep-fried Hara Bhara Kabab, which is not bad. All Kababs comes with Mint-Yoghurt chutney as a dip, and this chutney is a perfect match for Kababs.

Hara Bhara Kebab

Don’t forget to inform the restaurant supervisor about smoke coming out of the kitchen if chefs are preparing Kababs; they need to look after this issue diligently since it may be disruptive to your dining experience.

Freshly ground spices are essential to maintain the real taste of Indian Cuisine; the ready-made spices cannot replace the Home-made spices since the freshness is of paramount importance in Indian Cooking. Home-made ground spices are a speciality of Memsaab. Each curry is cooked to perfection with these ground spices and providing the main ingredients of curry with aromatic and spicy tone. Vegetable Curry cooking gives limited room to other elements to dominate the taste because of vegetable’s own taste and texture, but Indian spices find their way to enhance each dish and Miloni Tarkari is such preparation where spices dominate a variety of vegetables. Freshly diced and cut veggies are nicely tossed in a thick onion, and spiced gravy garnished with coriander springs produces Miloni Tarkari.

Miloni Tarkari

Okra (Bhindi) dices are simple but tricky to cook. Team of Chefs of Memsaab Restaurant should understand that even if, spices are essential to enhance the taste of food, the main ingredient cannot be ignored. Bhindi is the main ingredient of Bhindi Masala, and its overcooking may ruin the texture; the chef needs to make Bhindi crispy and not soft. However, well-proportioned spices save the dish.

Bhindi Masala

Butter Chicken was invented during British Era of Indian history by three Indians, Kundan Lal Gujral, Kundan Lal Jaggi and Thakur Dass, all Punjabi restaurateurs who were the founders of Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi, India. Butter Chicken is a ‘by chance’ dish made by mixing the leftover chicken in a tomato gravy, rich in butter and cream. The owners of Memsaab Restaurant are Punjabi, and there are minimal chances that Butter Chicken can go wrong in this restaurant. Mr Jatin and Mr Praveen (owners) have prioritised this dish on the menu and kept it as there speciality; this one truly is. Richness and consistency of Butter Chicken by Memsaab are so perfect that one cannot leave it unfinished.

Butter Chicken

Lal Maas is delicious and spicy in Memsaab. Mutton needs to be cooked thoroughly for two purposes: to make it digestible and to absorb the flavours of spices and Chefs of Memsaab cooks it well to solve the purposes. This dish needs the expertise to prepare and Indian Palate to consume, therefore, Lal Maas is not globally recognised but worth a try.

Laal Maas

As Romeo was always for Juliet, Heer was for Ranjha, and Jack is still for Jill; Butter Chicken is always for Naan. All the curries can be consumed with Paratha, Roti, or Kulcha except Butter Chicken. Memsaab need to improve their Rotis as they develop elasticity when gets cool, served hot and consumed fresh is not a problem, but still, there is scope to enhance Roti.

Naan and Tandoori Roti

Aromatic Basmati Rice is a gift from India to the World. The best quality rice is produced in India, and there is enough reason for Indian chefs and restauranteurs to maintain the legacy of Basmati Rice through cooking. Memsaab serves selected preparations of Rice and Sufiana Pulao cooked with Kashmiri saffron is best amongst the available choices. The sweet aroma of long-grained Basmati Rice along with Pure Ghee doesn’t need any accompaniment but if you are experimental, try any spicy curry with it. The flavours of whole spices enhance the Pulao experience.

Sufiana Pulao

Gulab Jamun, a prevalent dessert in India, doesn’t need any fusion due to its perfection, but Vannila Ice Cream is not a disappointing companion for it. Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream is must try Dessert in Memsaab. Although Memsaab’s plating game needs improvement, chef’s seems to take more efforts in plating the Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream; it is impressive plating.

Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream

The available choices to select the small and large portion of each dish, except few, are a sustainable move by Memsaab and worth appreciating. Amid extensive options of Indian restaurants in Dubai, Memsaab Restaurant in Jumeirah Lakes Towers should undoubtedly be on your top picks when you are on Budget and still want to consume quality Indian food in a decent environment. Rest assured, Memsaab ko aapke khaatirdari ka mauka jaroor dijiye (you should give Memsaab a chance for Hospitality). Bon Appetit!

Yeah, don’t forget Jal Jeera at the end of the meal?


Rate: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Staff: 3.5/5

Average Cost: AED 110 for two people (approx.)

Location: Basement Level, J2 Tower, Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

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