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Beginning in southwest China around 2,000 years ago, people learned how to use physical pressure, mild heat, and time to coax several different flavours and colours from the tea leaf. Tea became a sta­ple of the Chinese diet around 1000 CE. In the 12th century, in Japan, Buddhist monks who valued tea as an aid to long hours of the study found that tea was worthy of their contemplation. They developed the formal tea ceremony, which remains remarkable for the attention it pays to the simplest of preparations, an infusion of leaves in water. Until the late 19th century, all tea in world trade was China tea.

However, when China began to resist Britain’s practise of paying for its expensive tea habit with opium, the British intensified tea production in their colonies, particularly India. For warm regions, they cultivated an indigenous vari­ety, Camellia Sinensis and Assamica or Assam tea, which has more phenolic com­pounds and caffeine than China tea and produces a stronger, darker black tea. They planted the hardier China types in the Himalayan foothills of Darjeeling and at high elevations in the south. Today about three-quarters of the tea produced in the world is black tea. China and Japan still produce and drink more green tea than black. With the growing popularity and positive effect on health, Green tea has now inundated the World after Coffee. However, there is a large section of the population that is unaware of the positive impacts of Tea on the body and avoid drinking it.

It’s caffeine that makes people drink tea or coffee more often and is known as the most widely consumed behaviour-modifying chemical in the world. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system while it improves mood and mental performance. With such a readily available rejuvenating substance in the form of tea and coffee, people have fallen for caffeine. They wake up and start the day with caffeine, consume it often while they start work and even when they finish work to the point that some find themselves unable to sleep at night, wired with this substance Some people even wake up dizzy in the next morning due to altered sleep quality (courtesy: caffeine) and to energise their body caffeine is the preferred choice of beverage consumption, and the cycle often repeats on a daily basis. Isn’t it somewhat unnatural to keep oneself driven in life, one would ask? Such alteration with life energies may lead to diseases and disorders, according to some scientific research, and public health reports, all of which agree that a change in behaviour is much needed to reduce health risks. Many self-motivated persons are working to change this type of nutrition behaviour, and Dr Ludmilla Wikkeling Scott is one of them.

As a graduate student, Dr Ludmilla became fascinated with the concept that behaviour change was so critical to prevention and that many of the health issues begin with what we put in our mouth. She wrote health policy in the U.S. House of Representatives and worked on the Senatorial and Presidential campaigns for President Barack Obama using her knowledge of health disparities that were driven by behaviour and culture. Her U.S. public health experience provided her with a wealth of information, leadership skills, and understanding about health, health care, health literacy, nutrition behaviour, and prevention. When her father became ill, her first inclination was to make drastic changes to his nutrition, and she believed that had those changes been implemented sooner, he might have been able to get a few more years. When she lost her father, she became determined that rather than telling her students about public health issues, she would use real-life experiences, including her own, Dad’s, and those of people around her, to provide options for prevention. Dr Ludmilla wanted to lead by example, and after her contract at Zayed University came to an end, and more news about family and illness became part of her regular family discussions, she took the bold step to establish her own tea business to develop blends of healing tea she refers to as ‘Hi-G’. Her creative blends are high in antioxidants, include immuno-protective properties and focus on general health and wellness. She was blessed with the vision to focus on ‘Hibiscus and Ginger’ both of which have tremendous health benefits, and in an era where so many tea companies are generated continuously, Dr Ludmilla wanted something different. Using her faith and leadership skills, she first established “Drink Our Hi-G” at home in the U.S., and after she decided to stay in the UAE, she established Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd.

With the clear intent of empowering communities towards healthier nutritional health behaviour, Dr Ludmilla provides creative blends of tea leaves and herbs. She combines the taste of Camellia Sinensis Green and White tea leaves, infused with the traditional Hibiscus (Karkade, as it is known in the Middle East, or Sorrell, as it is known in the Caribbean), and herbs from Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Turkey to residents of U.A.E. Each blend is carefully crafted by Dr Ludmilla and her team of public health experts, tea lovers and research assistants. Tea is undoubtedly more than a ‘health benefits’; whether someone sits around the dessert campfire, attends a special event, or social gathering, sipping tea savouring the flavours of each blend, is an enjoyable experience aside from the fact that it is a worthwhile attempt to address health benefits for each individual. Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd brings communities together around a social concept of sipping tea, while providing a new venue for sharing healthier choices, discuss health benefits, challenges and ideas for consuming a variety of teas, since some of the blends include Camellia Sinensis leaves (referred to as tea), while others are based solely on herbs and flowers (referred to as tisanes). This venue is not merely a place to purchase tea but provides The Hibiscus Tea Club, where you can join the community of new, not so new and traditional tea drinkers, and experience a different blend each month, learn more about tea drinking and health benefits, while connecting with the team of passionate tea lovers, mobilized by the efforts of Dr Ludmilla.

The variety presented by Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd. provides a range of choices to address a range of health needs; each blend of tea is tasty and healthy, one can sip it without any guilt and as much as possible, unlike caffeinated tea or coffee. When the concept is so pure and genuine, one cannot ignore the varieties of tea blends offered by Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd.

Tisanes, which make up about half of the Hi-G blends created by Dr Ludmilla and her team, came from her familiarity with these types of herbal and floral combinations as she recalls her Caribbean heritage. Hibiscus (also referred to as Sorrell in the Caribbean region), is a popular drink often combined with ginger and lemon and frequently consumed during the Christmas season. Mixing tea was also a favourite pastime during her undergraduate years, but as she looks back, Dr Ludmilla never thought that it would turn into a business one day. Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd. has brought her Suriname/Caribbean tradition of combining Hibiscus and Ginger to Abu Dhabi; Ludmilla’s upbringing, Carribean culture, and her passion for public health are main reasons behind this venture. Refreshing Hibiscus leaves are artistically blended with lemon pees, orange peels, rose petals, chamomile flowers, lavender leaves, dry ginger, cinnamon and other spices, etcetera. Hibiscus tea has been known to prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy, help with menstrual cramps, help with depression, aid digestion and help with weight management. It’s rich in Vitamin C contains minerals such as flavonoids and has laxative properties. With such an extensive range of benefits, Hisbiscus is undoubtedly the winner in the race of tea benefits. The hibiscus syrup, a mild sweetener with a honey-base, popsicles of tea for kids, and tea bags of various combinations are merely unique and make this venture stand out of the crowd.

The range of teas offered by Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd. is best to experience rather than reading through a review like this. Dr Ludmilla Wikkeling Scott who has a Master and Doctor in Public Health (MPH, Dr.P.H.) is undoubtedly a person to rely on when it comes to recommendation on health behaviour change; to sustain the cut-throat competition of UAE business market, the gratifying taste of teas is prevalent and acceptable. With a holistic approach and clear intent, Healing Tea Blends Trading Ltd. is here to stay and gain popularity. The Hibiscus Tea Club incorporates traditional public health community outreach, with more modern tea drinking activities to create a cosy community network between the creators of tea blends, and consumers, whose input will remain critical in moving this venue into the future.

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