The derivation of the word ‘Sugar’ is from the Sanskrit word Sarkara, which is ground or candied sugar. The Sanskrit literature was written in Indian Subcontinent around 1500 – 500 BC provides the first documentation of the cultivation of sugar cane and the manufacture of sugar in the Bengal region of the Indian Subcontinent. During the medieval Islamic world, the agriculture and manufacturing of sugar were improved. Further, sugar cultivation spread to the West Indies and tropical parts of the Americas. Today, the deluge of sugar has covered the entire world, and regardless of its drawbacks due to over-consumption, people are falling for this ‘sweet thing.’ Sugar means energy and revitalisation; the affluent class of humans enjoyed the consumption of sugar through Desserts (originated from a french word desservir, which means ‘to clear the table.’ ) but, due to the technological advancement of sugar manufacturing and increased sugar supply paved the way for people to enjoy desserts worldwide. Sugar cravings are a ‘thing’ now; people cannot finish their meal and clear the table without consuming desserts.

Let it be Chai of India and Coffee of the West; mornings are incomplete for humans without a sip of sugar through beverages. The Tapri (stalls) of chai & biscuit in India or Food trucks serving doughnuts and coffee in America, people prefer the sugar as their go-to-meal through such products. Street food around the world are always comprised of desserts; sandwiches, pizza, and burger are complementing the doughnuts, crepes, and milkshakes. Sweetness is a fundamental aspect of Food because Glucose is one of the primary ingredients of many edibles. One cannot stay away from Sugar for a more extended period as one cannot move forward in life without getting revitalised and boosted.

Wheelerz cafe in Khalidiya Mall, Abu Dhabi has brought the amalgamation of Tapri and Food truck to the visitors of Food Court in the Mall.

The menu is sweet, gratifying, and revitalising. Ranging from Juices to Lassi; Crepe to Waffles; Milkshakes to Smoothies, each item is either healthy or delicious (though each delicious food need not be healthy). Snickers – a caramel-choco bar is perfect energy booster when on-the-go; nuttiness, crunch, softness, and sweetness makes Snickers an instant energy booster food. Wheelerz uses these energising bars to make milkshake- Snickers Hunger Buster. This milkshake is frothy, silky, and crunchy (because of Snickers) and one of the best preparations of Wheelerz cafe.

Sugar cane juice is popular hydrating beverage extensively available on the streets of India. When added with Ginger and Lime, Sugar cane juice is a healthy and tasty treat to taste buds.

Ginger Lime Cane

Either by the mechanical setup of wheels, crusher, and Bull or manual machine where one person feed the crusher wheels with Sugar cane at one end, and another person pulls the sugar cane at the opposite end, Sugar cane juice in India is organic and embedded to the culture of India. By fetching this beverage as experience to the residents of Abu Dhabi, Wheelerz cafe has created a special place in the F&B industry in the Capital. Customising the Sugar cane juice by adding various taste enhancers like ginger, lime, mint, and carrot, the cafe provides varying choices of this energy booster drink. Ginger Lime Cane is recommended due to the compatibility of Ginger and Lemon with Sugar cane. Mango Cane Mojito is another variant of the traditional beverage preparation; the soft drink is infused with Sugar cane and mango pulp, and it is refreshing.

Mango Cane Mojito

France’s delectable staple – crepe is a flat and thin pancake. In the 12th-Century, when Buckwheat was introduced to this country, the Bretons (residents of Bretagne – the part of France which has proximity with Britain) made the most of this fibre-rich flour. The high-protein grain, by grinding it down and combining it with water and a touch of salt creates a batter. This batter is then converted into thin pancakes on the edgeless griddle that makes round Crepes. Since the 20th-century, when street food vendors started using white flour into the mixture, crepe gained more popularity around the World, and Wheelerz café is extending that popularity to Abu Dhabi residents. KitKat Crepe and Crunchy Chococorn-flakes Crepe are delicious, and since it is an open kitchen, you can enjoy watching their mesmerising preparation by the chef.

Crunchy choco cornflakes


Kitkat Crepe

I love waffles that are crispy and brown,
No waffle in the world could ever make me frown,
Hot and steamy on a plate.
Nothing could ever taste so great.
I then pick up my fork and knife,
Waffles are the greatest things in my life,
I cut my waffle and take a bite,
Waffles are a tasty delight,
After I have devoured all the remains,
I ate so much I have stomach pains,
And now I’m done with the scrumptious meal,
Waffles, Waffles, are almost unreal.
– Anonymous

Except for the stomach pain and greatest taste, everything mentioned in the above ‘ode to waffles’ is right for Waffles of Wheelerz cafe. There are so many varieties of desserts and beverages in the cafe; one cannot eat waffles so much that he/she will feel pain in the stomach. Regarding the greatest taste, exaggeration is better to avoid, but Wheelerz serves good waffles. Pistachio Waffle is worth a try due to the addition of crisp to freshly cooked brown Waffle with Pistachio.

Pistachio Waffle

Freshly squeezed Pomegranate Juice is invigorating, and apart from Sugar cane juice, fresh fruits juices are must try in Wheelerz cafe.

Pomegranate Juice

Here comes the star of the cafe – Royal Chocolate Egg. White Chocolate shaped to create a replica of oval Egg, filled with brownies and nuts, and served scrumptiously is a delight to watch and gratifying to eat.

Royal Chocolate Egg

Hot chocolate, when poured on the surface of frozen white chocolate Egg, creates magic (though it is pure culinary science). The sight of melting chocolate is to be held; it is so satisfying to watch the process of melting and breaking of the Egg. As Egg breaks and new-born chicken takes the first breath of its life, a replica of (white chocolate) Egg breaks and you get the taste of your life. This dessert is so perfect and delicious that makes it indescribable but to experience.

Royal Chocolate Egg

If noisy food court, over-illuminated dining place, and that lemon seed chocking the passage of straw while sipping the mojito are ignored, Wheelerz is a delightful place to enjoy the desserts. However, the food takeaway option is available to avoid the hindrances, mentioned earlier, in the dining experience. If you prefer privacy over food, pack your dessert from Wheelerz, and take it home; they have proper packaging arrangements. With minimalistic composition and staff, M/s Wheelerz café are creating their reputation efficiently; movie theatre is just in front of the café, and you can grab some drinks and enjoy the movie. Do visit this place for gratifying desserts and in case of sugar cravings.

Finally, after feeding your tummy with so many carbs and calories, take a walk or shop in the mall, come back to Wheelerz café, and order Green Machine for Detox. This smoothie is so healthy that its makers couldn’t find a better name for it than ‘Green Machine’.

Green Machine

Rate: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Staff: 3.5/5

Average Cost: AED 60 for two people (approx.)
Location: Level 3, Food Court Area, Khalidiya Mall, Al Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi
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